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Best choices and trendy look, give an elegant style and level. Here top three Timex men's timepieces for perfect personality and trend. Designed by contemporary timepieces designer from the world's metered choices of. colour, strap, case, technology, diving's features, chronology, gripping, battery's life, best reviews by men's wristwatch editor's experts. Here everything is true, helpful and more trusted than your thoughts. 

No. 3

Designed by Trendiea.online

Maximised your new wrist watch's look, help to increase a new level as of your signature look. Bauhaus from challenging technology and performance in men's style, including everything such a great levelled details of design, simple and testful timepieces new updates. soundly roundly and very perfect collection of men's Timex. We love your choice and valuable style. We hope you love this one.

Valuable information 

Very trendy and classy case, case finish, band colour, case shape, minerals glass case, water resistance minimal 30m.


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Quartz technology it's a very old but again in trend. Reissued and redesigned by experts team of Timex. A true reissue, we recreated every detail including the true-to-the-era woven stainless-steel bracelet.

Product's valuable information 

Crystal types domed acrylic, 38mm, a beautiful case material which made by stainllness steel, water resistance maximum 50 meters. Top ring material pure aluminium and colour Blue, attachment hardware colour stainless steel.


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Timex Pac-Man make very easier your daily task and routine. Making a very classy and outstanding turning point for your timekeeping, brust onto retro Timex for your unique personality, it will be completely different than your daily best wristwatch. Timex PAC- MAN, 40th anniversary, Timex introducing a very special addition of T80, right on the watch face. It's a hi-tech and trendy, stop watch, a smart and very specific alarm, and date display on T80 all function are in very important for retro trendy fashion and style.

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T80 all new information 

Systematic Digital Chronograph Measures to 1/100 Seconds, very standard case width 34 mm, case shape square, awesome dail markings digital and hi-tech, water resistance maximum 30 meters and case height 10mm.
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Face is a most attractive part of human body. We love and care to ourself. Medical research and valuable new updates about human skin, it's more sufficient for keep protecting and caring for us.

What is oily skin ?
On the earth every human being need to a certain amount of natural oil to keep fresh their soft skin supple and moisturized. Everything depend on your skin, how much  produces oil and after sticky dryness a thicker ingredients spur.

For oily skin, skincare can often fill like a very constant operation of blotting sheets and beauty face powders_ making shine to anything. 

Oily skin's all spotted symptoms, it can help you how you can care easily to your oily face or skin. Human skin is a big form of natural science.

Pure home medicinal products, can always help repaired to your skin, including such as Almonds, Honey, blotting sheets, wash face twice a day, Oatmeal, White egg and Lemon, Tomatoes, Jojoba Oil and most useful thing for oily skin is, Aloe Vera.

How we can choose perfect cleanser for our skin type ?

Cleanser is always a best part of a beauty care product's routine of skin. A good and ideal cleanser very easily help you as,  light fragrance and irritant free product. And it always replace to the stickiness or dryness  after a perfect rinsing. 

Five Types of cleanser, which one is best for you ?

1.Light foaming cleanser 
2.Gel cleanser 
3.Cream and lotion cleanser 
4.Oil nased cleanser
5.Water based cleanser 

We should protect to our soft skin from UV rays, which is the biggest main cause of the skin cancer.

Here is FIVE quality approved and trusted cleanser for oily women's face.


VwICHY Purete Thermale 3-in-1 Facial Cleanser 

Designed by Trendiea.online
Cleanser is a cleansing milk, toner and eye make-up remover combined into one convenient, lightweight cleansing formula. Targeted skin types of women oily skin. 

Features is very important for the skin protection.

Vwichy Mineralizing Thermal Water strengthens and protects skin from external aggressors. Captelae is a natural detoxifying gent that traps metals and neutralizes them. Strong tonning help Vwichy help recovered to genetics hormonal changes, cosmetics, genetics diet or certain medicines. One best benefit of this skin types is that, it usually at a slower stride because of the extra fresh moisture, it keeping skin hydrated and less prone to wrinkles.

Vwichy cleanser how care to oily skin ?
It's  normally work with best result on face more than 18 hours. Easily make a good balance between moisturizer and dry out levelled. Reduce to spur as much as possibility.

Vwichy cleanser help us avoid to drying and clogging ingredients.

It's creating more oil production and trapping huge gradients oil against the skin. Specifically sulfates, specially sodium or Ammonium lauryl sulfate and basic alcohols help dehydrate the skin, that's why Vwichy cleanser is more free from dehydrate factors,  than any cleanser at this price.


Designed by Trendiea.online
Biore keep free your face from all ugly pores. Biore is very innovative cleanser it's made by pure natural charcoal. And mainly designed to decongest pores. Traget draw at two times more deep down dirt, oil and impurities than a very normal cleanser. Best and ideal for oily face and infused with Japanese skin purifying faltered technology. Give a brighter and glowing on face after one use !

Biore  help skin best acting up.
What can do best than anything, for our face, a natural charcoal. Draw out a best clarity and  trap very deep down impurities. Naturally purify all types pores, absorbs axcess oil and leaves a feeling tingly smooth.

Natural purifying technology 
Great and deep cleansing formula onfused with oily skin. It's working without disrupting or irritating skin. Very selective cleansing molecules mainly target dirt, oil, pores and impurities. And always make a balanced and faltered beautiful face.


Facial Cleanser by Olay Regenerist, Dtetoxifying Pore Scrub & Exfoliator, 5 Oz (Pack of 3)

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Top rated beauty care global brand Olay is offering an Oily skin cleanser. A new supercharged regenerist formulas, with anti aging ingredients like amino peptides are smartly engineered regenerate a new strong ang brighter surface skin cells and deliver crystal clarity visibility, for a very younger looking skin fully transformed.

Four perfect things make more smoother face.

Science, Ingredients, Results & Regimen
According to beauty science Olay analyzed over 70, 000 genomic sample for more than 17 yeras and discovered about 10% of women naturally look years more younger. It's was inspired by the discovery of beauty.

Powerful ingredients

With key anti- aging key anti- aging ingredients with gentle expoliatng crystals. Very smoothly cleansing formula to any types of oily skin specially for women, instantly detoxifies and improve skin textures without any types overdrying. 

95% women felt very smoother, cleanser  skin in one use, four factors It’s the perfect way to begin and end every day for a beautifully regenerated appearance. 

Four high resulting formula of Olay cleanser.

Olay is a highly recommend face cleanser for needs of beauty, for men and women.


Designed by Trendiea.online
100 % pure natural cleanser, which is a perfect enzymes face wash formulated to gently exfoliate and cleanse in just one step without and drying and sticky causing PH  factors. Papaya and Pineapple both enzymes are most helpful for a good moist-
urizer that won't cause damaged to your comp-lexion.

Vitamin B3 and PH balanced 5.5,

The active and effective from workhorses and true cellular communicating ingredients. Ery well suited mature and prematurely aged skin where it hence functions and cellular synthesis, for improved structures and former appearances. Niacinamide is a one of the big natural treatments for stronger tissue refinements where it's enhances the oily skin ability.

A complete cleanser for oily face

Allantoin (Organic), Sodium Lactate, Decyl Glocoside, Sodium Lauroyl, DL- Panthenol Vitamin B5 and Aloe Vera including all best and effective treatments for oily skin. Each composition are very stronger performers in gently results for soft, fresh skin and balanced moisturizer for oily skin. 

100% of the total ingredients are from natural origin. 93% of the total ingredients are from Organic Farming. A very ideal cleanser for an oily skin.

Designed by Trendiea.online
A stack of mild cleansing most trusted and valuable agents. Including account-based surfactants rich in fatty that work together to create a soft and gentle lather that very effectively dissolve even mulish make-up, sunscreen and oil making a great moisturizer for a healthy- looking skin barrier.

In details about Drunk Elephant cleanser 

With filtered blind of a mild surfactants and unique make-up dissolving emollients, it's formulated at an ideal gentle cleanser, PH level up to 5.5, totally free of SLS, fragrance essential oils, and silicones, Beste No. 9 is appropriate for all skin. 

Using structures and brand focus 
Drunk elephant is committed to using to a perfect ingredients that either directly benefit the strong health of the oily skin and support the total integrity of their formulations the skin recognizes small moleculer structures that is very easily absorbed and treatments. The brand focuses on healthy PH levels and a brighter, it's also supports the skin's acid mental. Drunk elephant cleanser protecting from UV rays and damage.

How to use properly a  face cleanser ?

If your have oily skin ! Always use a gentle cream cleanser when you wash your soft face strictly avoid using to foam cleanser and gel cleanser, both products are not suitable for a oily skin. Massage over wet or dry skin. Add water to lather. Rinse well and pat dry. Cleanse your skin night before.

Pros and Cons
1.This post will help to choosing a right oily skin cleanser. 
2.What are the main factor for oily skin.
3.Products availability 100% in related store. It will help to save your costly time.
4.Genuine information with products details. 

1.If you don't have more ideas, how we can shop a perfect oily face cleanser.
2.If your money is not wasteful.
3.Save your time and internet data.
4.If your face skin is not a laboratory.

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Chadwick Aaron Boseman's last updated pic on social media. Pic from Twitter Boseman official profile 
Father Leroy Boseman and mother Carolyn Baseman was not knowing, one day their son,  will made a history in American film industry.

Did you remember about Black Panther movie. Chadwick Aaron Boseman (November 29, 1976 - August 28, 2020). Mr. Boseman was born and rised in Anderson, South Carolina.
Boseman graduated from T.L Hanna High School in 1995. Boseman enrolled at Howard University in Washington D.C.; graduating in 2000 with his favourite goal supporter subjects, bachelor of fine arts. 

Boseman wanted to write a story and direct to film making. Initially began studying acting to learn how to relate to actors.

Boseman's reel journey started with television in 2003, in a episode of Third Watch. In 2003 limn Reggie Montgomery in the day time soap  opera that was All My Children, but he expressed lousy, after quality voicing pertain to about racialism stereotypes in the script; that role was posterior re-cast with Boseman's future Black Panther.

Boseman's historical starring and figures

 Boseman historical starred video clip.AP; The Guardian 
Boseman had his first starred film 42 (2013),in which he portrayed pioneer and actor Jackie Robinson. Gemes Brown in  Get on Up (2014), Thurgood Marshall in Marshall (2017). Marvel Cinematic Universe film, it was remake in film of Marvel comics, Black Panther in 2018. Marvel historical Black Panther movie, magically made him an international superhero and a Hollywood big celebrity.

He awarded for his challenging character, with NAAP Image Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

What said film critics about him?
Owen Gleiberman in his variety, "Boseman was a virtuoso actor who had the rare ability to create a character from the outside in and the inside out and he knew how to fuse with a role, etching it in three dimensions. That's what made him an artist, and a movie star, too. Yet in Black Panther, he also became that rare thing, a culture hero".

According to the Guardian newspaper  critics Peter Bradshaw, "beauty, his grace, his style, his presence These made up Chadwick Boseman's persona and he became the lost prince of American cinema glorious and inspirational".

Unfortunately Hollywood film industry lost a superhero !
Boseman was infected by Colon cancer in 2016. Which is eventually progressed in stage IV befor 2020. He had never spoken officially or in publicly about diagnosis. During treatment including multiple surgeries and chemotherapy. But he continued to work without take long break completed production for many films. Boseman taken last breath of life at his home. He died on August 28, 2020. Now Mr. Boseman is no more among us, but world will remember as superhero Black Panther.
DIA was won Miss Asia Pacific 2000 and Femina Miss India 2000 (2nd runner up), Dia dreamed and it transformed into true. She has no more worries for cheater past and bad memories. 
Dia born in December 9, 1981. German graphics,  architect father and Bengali interior designer mother. Frank Handrich and Deepa both went to separation from each other, when Dia was only 54 months old. Definitely Frank Handrich lost to an unbeatable fatherhood story. After her mother married  Ahmad Mirza a Dakhini Muslim man, her stepfather died in 2003.

Initially attending Vidyaranya High School, that was a co-ed school, then Nasr School, a separated girls day school in Khairtabad. After, teenage Dia joined Stanley Junior College and finally her graduation completed from Ambedkar Open University.
Before a levelled of separated life, she married Shahil Sanga in April 2014, who was her main business partner. Since August, 2019 Dia is more stronger than selfish difficult time.

Fashionista finally, Framed in Dia's Look.
What are the fashion according to Dia ? Can we get that ? Instagram is best source where you can get more updates about Dia and her new fashion, look and style.

Physic standard of Dia on parameter
Dia's physic type is Hourglass body shape. Know in detail, What is an hourglass figure?

We have watched and readen, Dia's interviews article and digital magazines coverages. We tried to know about her exact metered fashion wardrobe and lifestyle. If you want know about Dia's wardrobe you need time to time checking out her Instagram official profile.
Embllisher always Drop-Dead on Dia 
Her pristine updates in social media, we found conduit and emote to dapper in all tone. How many time you have watched Kaafir and Sanju ? A Kashmiri woman and Manyata Dutt's characters, how beauteously levelheaded all lavaliere, earing and all selective adornment in precise.
Indulging with statement neckpieces and oxidized chunky earrings, statement necklace, layered bracelets and coordinated ring. There is everytime needs of your fashion station. Dia confide publicly just for you, if you're looking for. Dia spotted on the set of at comedy show, how gorgeously made heads turn in black-silk sari together all majestically metered elegant ornaments.

Jewelled Dia on Instagram 
Richness and selective beauty could found on her own signatory jewellery at least in 100 photos. Oxidized scarlet gorgeous necklace, indo-western premier ring, bangles, tops and filtered  gold earrings. 
Stormy Dia in the fashion World 
Tv shows, an award function,in allure gown, at red carpet, Lakme fashion shows, beauty pageant show, she has everywhere emerged to the contemporary craftsmanship on the platform, from top indian fashion designers. You can see her western wears, collar maxi, knee length edge. Brocade evening coat, intimate, chummy modern ornaments, with rich green indo-western gown, Sharara, half sleeves length collar tops, Plazzo, Lehenga, sort length skirt, long frocks, Dia's looks like heart beat breaker in all poses and costumes.
She is much love to the free style look and silhouettes which impact is highly on fashion world.

Her footwears assemblage
Contemporary and highly filtered quality based products, Dia always prefer wore to simple medium heels, soft light coloured pump boots, sandals and according to character or role in movies and web series.
Community activities  and activism
She was appointed as the UN environment's goodwill ambassador in 2017 and her terms has been further extended till 2022. An appointed as the UN Secretary General's Advocate of Sustainable Development Goals. She was acted as emcee United Nations Champions Gala in 2019 with Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin.

AP: Wikipedia, Instagram, Vouge India, YouTube, Femina Miss India, Miss Asia Pacific, Google News.

They are among nearly 50 noticeable parents to plead guilty in the OVB case. In this caes three faces are very famous from TV shows and Fashion industry. Mossimo Giannulli, Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman. 
Singer, actor, fashion designer, sports coach and many name of designated.

Prosecutors said scandal led by William Singer. He is a college-prep professional, he has plead guilty also. Parents paid Singer approximately $25 million to bribe coaches and specific prominent university administrator to designet their children as purported athletic recruits, thereby facilitating the children's admission to those universities. The federal department of justice said in a March, 2019 official press release.
Court documents said 'the scheme included bribing college athletic coaches to recruits students regardless of their athletic ability as well as cheating entrance test'.

Mossimo Giannulli has been sentenced to five month in prison as a part of dirty Operation Varsity Blues.

Giannulli's wife former Tv show Full House star Lori Loughlin, recieved a two-Month sentence a few hour after her husband hearing.

Boston Federal Court House judge  Nathaniel Gorton said prison sentence "is sufficient but not necessary punishment under the circumstances". What Giannulli will pay ?, in federal judgment's agreement Giannulli is a fashion designer will also pay $250,000 fine and perform 250 hours of community service.

Lori Loughlin's doughter Olivia Jade return in same profession, she is a Youtuber and instagram influencer. 

Hallmark Channel drops Lori Loughlin amid college admission cheating scandal. Loughlin will pay under federal charged, fine is $15,0000 and 100 hours of community service. 

Very prior to officially sentencing Giannulli judge Gorton told him: "you were not stealing bread to feed your family. You have no any excuse for your crime and that make it all more blameworthy".

Giannulli, like Loughlin is surrender on November 19, 2020.

Loughlin and Giannulli had insisted for more than 13 months. Where that they believed their illegal payments were "very genuine and legitimate donations" and accused prosecutors of hiding crucial cheating evidence that could help prove the couple's innocence because it would undermine their secret case.

Assistant US Attorney Kristen Kearney said
Giannulli displayed " a complete disregard for right and wrong" and a " privileged and entitled attitude". " This disrespect of right and wrong deserves a meaningful sentence of imprisonment," she said.Giannulli’s attorney, Sean Berkowitz, described his client’s actions as “out.

Reallity of Undermining behind racketeering

A teen girl who did not play soccer but magically became a star player recruit at yale, cost to her dishonest parents:  $1.2 million.

A high school boy eager to inroll at the University of South California without ability he could take his quality standardized test with complicit invigilator who would make sure he got the top score. Cost to his cheater parents : approximately $50,000.

A dishonest student with no any experience rowing won a spot on the U.S.C crew team after a crucial photographs of another guy in a boat was submitted as proved evidence of his/her prowess. Student's Mom-Dad wired at least $20,0000 into a very secret gambling account.

In this dirty college admission scandal case, federal prosecutor charged 50 wealthy people on Tuesday, August 18, 2020.

Who are the mainly victims?
Hardworking student, real toppers who were very secretly displaced from thier position and rank.

Authority said Mr. Singer used the key and its non-profit arm, key Worldwide Foundation, which is located in Newport Beach, Calif., to help students cheat on thier standardized merits test. and to pay bribe to the coach who could get them into the college with fake atheletic credentials.

In this fake and dirty Operation Varsity Blues scandal every parents ware very willing to pay $ 15,000 and $75,000 per marit test, which went to college entrence exam administrators who mainly help their children cheat on them by giving accurate answers and help, correcting their false work or even arranged third parties dramatically and falsely pose as their children and take the test in their stead. How dishonestly have done everything ? according to the incitement.  

Three faces are well known of Hollywood. In the American's College Admission Scandal.

Mossimo Giannulli and Lori Loughlin both are wife husband.

Lori Loughlin is a well known actress in Tv shows, Hollywood and model as of. She has well known for her role as Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis on the ABC sitecom Full House (1988-1995) and its Netflix  sequel Fuller House (2016-2019).

Mossimo Giannulli is a very reputed an American fashion designer and founder of a medium quality based clothing brand, Mossimo clothing is established in 1986.

Felicity Kendall Huffman is an American actress she has won many prominent awards such as PrimeTime Emmy Award, Golden Globe Award, Screen Actor Guild Awards, and she has been nominated for an Oscar Award.

Hoffman has also starred in many Hollywood movies Reversal of Fortune in 1990, The Spanish Prisoner in 1997, Mangolia in 1999, Path to War in 2002. She has also starred in the third ABC series it was anthology crime drama American Crime.

Felicity Huffman is also accused of Operation Varsity Blues, she has very secrately corrected her doughters answers sheet in 2017, she was paid $15,000 to the Operation Varsity Blues team. Federal Court sentenced on Huffman 250 hours of community service and fine $30,000.

Huffman pleaded guilty to mail and honest services fraud in May, Huffman is the first parent who charged and prison in the scandal Sep, 2019.

AP: Tnyt, Theinsider Abcnews, Bbcnews, TheWashingtonpost, Cnn, ThePeople